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I am currently tattooing at:

Lilith Tattoo

2006 E Union St., Suite 1

Seattle, WA 98122

Please check out our studio at

To Schedule a consultation


At the moment, I am only accepting tattoo projects that are my own designs, custom projects that are: wild fauna, flora, figurative, fantasy, illustrative portraits, and mythological themes.  Priority is given to bigger pieces that are 6+ hours (sleeves, leg sleeves, full chest, torso, back pieces).

Starting June 2022, I will be shifting from hourly rate to charging by project. If the project requires multiple sessions, I will charge for half/ full day sessions.

For rates guidelines you can check out my faqs.

I do every custom requests freehand and work only in blackwork. This means you will not be seeing a preliminary drawing. I will sketch the concept on you on the day of tattooing session. We can make adjustments in the process before we begin tattooing.


All consultations are via email, and facetime/ phone call if needed. We will talk about your ideas, concepts, and answer any questions you may have. You will get a rough estimate and price quote for the piece we will be working on.

Please use the form below to describe your idea.

I will only be replying to requests that aligns with the above guidelines at the moment.

Please allow up to 7 days for a reply, I only answer new requests once a week. Looking forward to working with you!

Thanks for getting in touch! Please allow up to 7 days for response due to volume of inquiries and/or days off. Talk to you soon!

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