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Congratulations on your new tattoo!


  1. Leave your second-skin bandage (tagiderm, saniderm) on for at least 24 hours. You can leave it for up to 4 days if you'd like (my preferred method, helps your tattoo to heal flatter without making a scab). 

  2. If you have regular bandage (not second-skin), take it off after 12-24 hours.Take your second-skin bandage off under warm shower or rinse.

  3. Pull the bandage by the corner the direction the corner is pointing, this loosens the bandage so you can peel it easier. Peel the bandage off slowly, using mild soap if needed to help with the adhesive.

  4. Wash your tattoo with your hand thoroughly to get all the excess ink/ gunk off. Don't scrub (ouch! it will damage the tattoo)

  5. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel or clean soft towel. Be gentle but get all the water off.

  6. Let your tattoo air dry for a day or two. Wash it twice a day or when your sweat.

  7. After a couple days you may feel the tattoo getting dry and "scabbing" like a sun-burn. 

  8. You can ease the itch and help the healing process by moisturizing.  Coconut oil, non-scented lotion is good. Make sure your hands are clean and the tattoo is clean before applying. Just a little goes a long way, just a thin layer, do not overdo it. If you are unsure air on the side of less.  Your tattoo will heal with or without the moisturizing. But if you glob things on it can attract dust, dirt, etc, because it's taking too long to absorb into your skin.

  9. As the tattoo is peeling, let it do its thing, don't pick at it (this can pull the ink off).

  10. While your tattoo is healing:

    1. Do not submerge your tattoo in water. Quick showers are ok, just pat water dry afterwards with clean towel or paper towels.

    2. Do not jump into a lake, ocean, or any bodies of water.

    3. Do not let your pets lick it, run against it, or scratch it (there are bacteria in both their saliva, and underneath the nails, plus dander on their hair).

    4. All of the above may cause irritation or infection to your tattoo.

  11. Wear looser clothing over the area that just got tattooed. This will help protect it and at the same time provide airflow so your tattoo won't suffocate while healing.

  12. Your tattoo should be healed anywhere from 10-14 days.  Big color or black-fill work may take just a tad longer.

  13. Any doubts, email your artist! Don't look up stuff online and play the guessing game.

Thank you for your support!  And happy healing!


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