Starting 2020, I will be offering reserved tattoo sessions for Black and Indigenous folks 3-4 times monthly.

These sessions are donation based, you are welcome to pay what ever feels comfortable for you. 

With our country's economic and resource gap rooted in systematic oppression and racism, there is a lack of accessibility and representation of Black and Indigenous bodies in tattoo culture.

I am hoping that these reserved sessions will help support folks in reclaiming their bodies and to celebrate their stories and joy.

All inquiries are on a first come first serve basis. 

If you are interested in setting up a consultation please follow the link below:

If there are no spots available, they have already been booked. Please check back in a month or so as I open up new ones every 4-8 weeks.


Here are somethings to consider:

-  Please keep in mind the nature of my tattooing work. I work only in black and grey.

-  My favourite subject matters are flora/ fauna, mythology, etc.  Please check out my portfolio at or instagram: @judeletronik

-  Since this is a donation based service.  I can only tattoo for up to 3 hour session for one client during these sessions. This is to ensure that more people will have access to the service.  If you want to continue the design as a bigger piece we will have to space out the time by 6 months, or you are welcome to book on my regular schedule.

-  The studio I work out of has other artists working in the space at the same time.

Please email inquiries to with a subject line “BIPOC Tattoo”

Include: an idea for the design you’d like, and where you'd like it to go on your body.  Attach any reference photos you may have.


Please be patient, it may take up to a week for me to reply to the email.

Thank you for your support and inquiring.

Jude (they/them)