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To Schedule a consultation


At the moment, I am only accepting tattoo projects that are wild fauna, flora, figurative, fantasy, illustrative portraits, and mythological themes.  Priority is given to bigger pieces that are 6+ hours (sleeves, leg sleeves, full chest, torso, back pieces).

Starting June 2022, I will be shifting from hourly rate to charging by project. If the project requires multiple sessions, I will charge for half/ full day sessions.

I do every custom requests freehand and work only in blackwork. This means you will not be seeing a preliminary drawing. I will sketch the concept on you on the day of tattooing session. We can make adjustments in the process before we begin tattooing.


All consultations are via email, and facetime/ phone call if needed. We will talk about your ideas, concepts, and answer any questions you may have. You will get a rough estimate and price quote for the piece we will be working on.

Please email me with a brief description of your concept, the part of the body you are looking to get tattooed, any reference photos you may have (3-5), and the budget you are looking to work within.

I will only be replying to requests that aligns with the above guidelines at the moment.

Making a deposit

Please read the conditions below before making a deposit.

Only leave a deposit after you have emailed me and scheduled a consultation.


You can leave a deposit to book a tattoo appointment with me via Venmo app.  My handle is @judeletronik

The deposit cost is $100. This deposit will go towards the total charge of your tattoo and will be deducted from the session the tattoo is completed.  The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another party. You are allowed one reschedule for your appointment, with at least 72 hours notice.  If you reschedule more than once your deposit is forfeit and a new deposit is required for another session.  If you are late to your appointment, please contact me via email ahead of time. If you are more than 15 minutes late to you appointment without notice (email or phone call) or if you are more than half an hour late to your appointment, a part of your deposit will be used to cover the time (this pushes the day's schedule backwards and requires me to reschedule other clients for the day).  A deposit expires within 1 year from the date it was received.  

Please include your full name and phone number in the comments section so I can contact you if needed.

The rest of your charge at the tattoo appointment is Cash Only.  

Please remember to bring sufficient funds on your day of appointment.

Thank you and looking forward to working with you!

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